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Make a Donation



Please note that Paypal will charge a fee to your donations if you do not follow the instructions as printed below.

Instructions on how to pay your tithes/offering/miscellaneous donations without being charged a fee are below.

  1. To Pay tithes, offering, or miscellaneous donations please navigate in your Web Browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, FireFox, etc) to Paypal's website.

(www.paypal.com or click the link above)


2. Select Log in to navigate to your next screen.  

Note: You may need to create a Paypal Account using a valid email address if you don't have one already.

From this screen you may login to your Paypal account.



3. Once you are logged in,

Select  Money from the Blue Header Bar at the very top of the page.


4. On the next screen,

Select Send or Request Money

(it is located in the White Box on your far right).


5. Enter the following email address on your next screen and select Next: baptistchurch.duncancreek@gmail.com.


6.  On the next screen:

- Enter the amount you wish to donate. 

Please ensure it says: SENDING TO FRIEND if it does not select change and select Sending Money to Friend.  Do NOT select Paying for an Item or Service.

- Add a note to describe your donation. 

i.e., tithes, offering, miscellaneousand

- Select Continue.

If you have to select "Change" to update the blue bar to show: Sending to a friend,  please see which box to select below.


7. On the Next Screen,

Verify that no fee is being charged,

Your bank account is correct, and 

Select Next.

Note: If this is your first time logging in, you will have to add your bank routing and account number to make a donation.


8.  Ensure all of your information is correct on the Next Screen,

Check to ensure Your Donation is the Amount you Wish to Make,

Your Screen says Sending to A Friend, 

Your Note Section is completed if Needed,

Your Bank Account is Correct, and

No Fee is Charged.


Your Donation is now complete.

Thank You!